Dear all member, Here is the message from our president, Dr. Channarong Suhongsa, to be announced


On behalf of The President of AITMA and IMTF, I would like to express my sincere condolences to COVID-19 victims’s families, this terrible virus causes disease outbreak around the world and take people we love away forever.
Moreover, The COVID-19 pandemics has caused many events around the world to be cancelled or postponed due to a country’s government imposed restrictions of large gatherings, among the most prominent events in Thailand to be affected were the World Thai Martial Arts Festival 2020, which has been cancelled and will be cancelled in 2021 as the Virus still spreading around and no effective vaccine for everybody.
Nevertheless, Wai Kru MuayThai and Championship events (small event) can be organized on 17 March 2021 if it is possible in your country (Please mind Safety First) and please kindly share your events photos and videos to us then we will share to our members on the official facebook page.
Finally, I wish you all stay safe from COVID-19 and we will see each other again.
Best regards,

Dr. Channarong Suhongsa, president of AITMA and IMTF