Letter from Ministry of Tourism and Sports to Minister of Foreign Affairs of Thailand.


Subject: Please inform consulate

As IFMA has sent letter to related association and also Thai Embassy in another countries

 to ask for their authority to control all MuayThai movement as same as FIFA does for Football. Because of this letter, the confusion was occurred when Thai boxers couldn’t have a fight in another countries if they didn’t get authority from IFMA.

But the facts are..

1. International Federation of MuayThai Associations (IFMA) is the association which is only for Amateur Muay Thai Boxing and can process any movement just within their Association NOT REGISTERED under Sports Authority of Thailand Act (2015 and edited version) or NOT under MuayThai Act (1999 and edited version)

2. Thai government never give any authority to any association or organization to have the right to control any movement of MuayThai because MuayThai DOES NOT BELONG to just one association as IFMA has claimed their Association which lead to misunderstanding to many countries

3. The original of MuayThai is from Thailand and nowadays MuayThai is famous around the world but anyway MuayThai is under MuayThai Act 1999 along with MuayThai committee, Sport Authority of Thailand, Ministry of Tourism and Sports to control, protect and regist MuayThai boxers, referees and etc.

To avoid false information, please notice this information to all consulate.